Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday madness

Here in the good ole southwestern part of Missouri, there is no such thing as a true redneck in regards to the television world

couldn't find the New Hampshire NASCAR race on any of the local tv stations.
Alas I don't have cable, so maybe thats part of the problem, I ain't a true redneck cause I don't have cable and 4 junk cars in my front yard......

So this afternoon, weather is perfect, better than florida, nice easy breeze blowing and I decide that the Barngoddess and I should proceed to the local Honey Creek Golf Country Club to endulge in a few rounds of my favorite game (next to drinking rockie mountain highs or earnest hemmingways favorites).
So we proceed to the Country Club and I pay for a bucket of balls (to warm up on) and eighteen holes of golf with a cart so we don't ahve to walk. Now it's Sunday and you are supposed to rest, so riding the cart is resting.
Barngoddess and and I head out following a three some (they teed off on the blue tees, and poor little me out drives them from the white tees, so after two holes they let us play through.
Enough said, on the first hole, the Barngoddess is talking on the cell to "Auxarc" (little did I know who auxarc was until this past week), anyway The Bus was trying to get ahold of me, to no end.
Then one of my coworkers calls, wants to know what I am doing, Barngoddess tells him and that's the end of that story.
Sometime around hole three, as I make that beaut of a drive (225 straight down the middle of the fairway) the Jeep calls and gets on my case for practicing. Now how the hell did he know I was on the course -- I didn't tell Longroof where I was going. Ah esp??? anyway I couldn't hear what he was saying, there were too many girls in bikinis around for me to accurately hear what was being said (ie the Jeep must have been on the beach). I hope he was practicing his sand shots, cause the course we are going to play the
'HAVEN LEE FARM ANNUAL CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF TOURNEYMENT" on has plenty of beaches for the Jeep to feel right at home. Also has lots of water so if the Kid joins us, he'll want to bring his surf board to rescue all the ball the Jeep will feed the surf with.
Now this golf tourney is open for various states and times of the year, so should I venture to Florida, we shall have to endulge the Florida crowd with a local course of their own. Might even talk BBB and Long Roof in going along to man the Beverage cart and snack bar cart.

So play the front nine six greens in regulation, too bad my putting was terrible.
Good drives right down the middle of the fairway, everything going great, except putting... 3 putted more greens than were on the front nine.
Go to the back nine and gets better. Drives are straight until #14. Course Marshall comes up to us and askes how many holes we are going to play? Seems I only paid for nine with the cart (damned my memory is going), barngoddess coughs up 8 bucks more and we continue the back nine. Could have sworn I paid for 18, and in fact I did, but only 9 with a cart.
#15 is a par 5 hole, straight and long. In three shots I was even with the green... too bad all three shots went out of bounds to the left into some guys cow pasture. mean looking bull out there with his girls, so I didn't climb the fence and look for the balls.
16, 17, and 18 are water holes. Water to the left, water across the center of the fairways..... honey creek runs thru these holes.
So I end up parring the final three holes, on the greens in regulation, but two putting every green.
Come home exhausted. Pain pills ran out about hole number 14, so just struggled thru the last few holes.
Home is sweet, had a beer in the garage, girls pulled all kinds of carrots from the garden, (if I ate them all, I'd be Buggs Bunny).
Life is sweet. Watched the LongRoof's video with pics of the family from better days, and know what.... we just

Celebrated Life today.... hope you did too.

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d5thouta5 said...

the inaugural Haven Lee Farms golf tournament that is schedualed for the week following the Fourth of July weekend is set....all comers and takers are welcome to participate...understand that my friends Auggie and the Captain will be in attendance to insure that my game will be a stroke below anyone else's...besides, I learned how to score the game from BBB....nobody knows 'customer golf'
better than he does....
see you next week...
oh, by the way, I will bring the asprin so you bring the tape....
if needed, you can tape an asprin to your sore spots....