Saturday, June 6, 2009

How to spend your Birthday

So yesterday was my birthday. 59 big ones and getting older.
Nice thing about hitting 60 next year, my annual golf fees will drop from $475 to $350. Great..

So Friday morning I get up at 6:30 and am at the VA Clinic at 7:30 to get my blood work done. 8 am doing the annual eye exam, and 8:30 doing the annual physical thing.
So I am healthy, wise and not so wealthy after all that.

Come home and want to go to the golf course and play 18. Think I could sneak out?

Yeah right after I get the lawn mowed. So 5 hours later... yes 5 hours later...
see our lawn is not only the small front yard, but also both sides of the drive heading down to the highway, across the front of the property in the ditch that MO DOT only mows once a year (can't blame the guys, budget cuts), then got to mow the paddocks so the horses don't get too much of that long great eating grass, and finally the Barngoddess's path around my big hay field.

Got all that done. Someone once asked me why I cut all that grass instead of making hay out of it.


Makes sense to me!

Anyway, sitting resting under the portable canopy I was about to have a long cold one when the Barngoddess says she needs my help.

So for the rest of the afternoon, I clipped out little white horse "Fabio", getting him ready for show time next weekend.

Spent an hour after finished clipping, spitting short white hairs out of my mouth, brushing them off my body. Finally gave up and took a shower.. then the hot tub was calling. Got in the hot tub and finally had one of those long tall cold ones that come from the Rocky mountains.

Ended up in bed asleep before the news came on... I must be getting old when I can't stay awake to watch Leno, ooops watch Conan.

So that's how I spend my day. and in doing that I sure did



longrooffan said...

Sounds like a productive birthday. Did you get "little red" from the uniformed officials of the US Government? Glad it was a good day.

Sara said...

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Our back field looks SO good, nicely mowed! I rode Margo back there last night and enjoyed it very much! Thanks again Uncle Tom!!!