Sunday, June 28, 2009

The newest hay hauler on the farm

So my noble assistant and I got the haybarn cleaned out yesterday. Moved a bunch of last years round bales outside, moved lumber pile and alfalfa hay bale and generally got the barn ready for this years hay.

Yesterday it was a little hot (100 in Republic, 103 in Billings, 104 on the back porch). For those of you who think it was too hot yesterday, I post this picture to "cool you off"

Tuesday after work we go after 400 small square bales of alfalfa to put in our little barn. One redeeming factor, got a crew to load the truck and trailer, so all I have to do is unload into the correct space in the barn.

A tunderstorm came through about 3 this morning soaking everything good, means the garden will grow anothe couple feet today.
So this week sometime, we will try to get the weather to cooperate so we can bale the front and put those round bales in the barn without getting wet.

Had my noble assistant take a pic of the new hay hauler we have:
thought you would chuckle about the little golf cart --
hay wagon truckster wanta be.
{Stole that term from the Long roof}

So enjoy and celebrate life

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