Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How do you say no to this

Now I am a pretty low key guy that likes to come home to the company of the Barngoddess, my daughter the Shark's Angel, and her daughter, the Little Princess.
I am not the type that likes to mill about in large crowds, and have been known to not go somewhere because too many people would be there.

No phobias or anything, just life in the Navy about ships and submarines, makes me appreciate the quiet time with my family.

At the job I have, I meet quite a few veterans of all walks of life. I have made many friends that make it a point to look me up when they are at the clinic, even if only to say hi.

So the Barngoddess and I have been trying to figure where to spend 4 days in the "home away from home" to rest and relax and recharge batteries and just be with each other. Past trips have included a stint on a gravel bar on the Current River; a quiet stay at the Viola Park Campground; a couple days on the Grand Lake; always a way to just be with each other without the hassles of everyday life.

So the other day the phone at work rings and the conversation goes something like this:

Eddie: Tommy, this is Eddie, whats up?

Me: Not much just trying to get through to Wednesday when I got 4 days off

Eddie: 4 days off, must be nice... hey one of my hearing aids got chewed up by my little dog, what'll I do

Me: Send it to me and we'll get a replacement.

Eddie: Hey when you coming to Branson? You promised you'd come down sometime.

Me: Well this weekend we are still trying to decide where to go

Eddie: Get down here and I'll get you tickets to the show.

Me: Ok, Friday am show ok?

Eddie: Yep, I'll call the box office

So the Barngoddess and I decide on Compton Ridge Campground in Branson
Wi-fi, indoor heated pool, lots of great views, great privacy

and of course Friday 10 am show.

Ever heard of the "World Famous Platters" performing at the Starlite Theatre in Branson MO??

Well Eddie is one of them.

So how do you say no to something like that???

The Gentleman Farmer taught me well......

You go and be gracious and enjoy the hell out of yourself...

And by treating people as you would like to be treated, and showing a concern for them, we are rewarded in being able to say that we truly



longrooffan said...

Have a great weekend and does the old saying, "If the camper is rocking, don't come knocking" still hold true?

Love to all.

d5thouta5 said...


The gentlemanfarmer was right more often than not.......