Sunday, September 20, 2009

Talked good but didn't.......

So after a rainy day yesterday, and not getting a thing done,

the Barngoddess and I finally get out of bed around 11:30 today. Yep that's 11:30 am, almost noon time.
So I stagger into the den with a cup of java to read my horrorscope and find out what kind of day it will be.

Sitting here with that beautiful lovely Barngoddess next to me on her computer playing solitaire, (it's sometimes hard to concentrate on what I was originally going to do when she is next to me and oh so close... but I digress or degress or Oh forget it) so I asked her if she wanted to go check out that campground she has been wanting to spend a couple days at.
Now the add for this campground, and the rating, make it sound like the place to go and spend a couple days relaxing and catching up on the rest and other things.
So we leave at 1 PM and head about a 100 miles north east to check out this campground. Arriving we realized that the famous statement of the Gentleman Farmer was true to fact in this case
"Talks good but doesn't listen so well".

So we return home via Rte 66 to see if anything is worth taking the Little Princess to along that famous route. Lots of bumps, lots of Rte 66 signs, but not much else.

So I guess we'll try to find another place to R&R. But that is the best thing about being able to travel and find neat places to


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