Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hi Ya'll

So.. I have not posted any blogs in a long, long time. I have decided to change that.  I told Papa that I wanted an account so I could keep everyone up to date of happenings here in Missouri..

Us hickabillies, rednecks, hicks, and hillbilliies, decided that our Christmas will be spent in warm weather... Well, it was going great until yesterday, when the chill set in.  Blah.  Today we were supposed to have a white Christmas but that didn't work out. 

Speaking of Christmas, ours went great!  ;) We had our "Christmas" on Saturday, because that is tradition, we always have Christmas.  (Ask Papa later!) Doodle, the youngest kid, got Nerf guns, Nerf bullets, legos, and a Bronco.  Junior, the middle child, received Nerf guns, Nerf bullets, legos, and a Tank.

Now to Pixie, me, (we changed my nickname for a reason Papa) I got an Olympus camera.  Along with other miscellaneous stuff.  But that is the big present.

These are a couple of the pics I took the day after when friends came over.
 This is one of my favorites.. :)
  Now, as I have completed my tale, I wish every one a very Merry Christmas!! And a Happy New Year... don't forget to watch the Liberty Bowl on ESPN!!

Another thing, we are starting our own blog to tell stories of our chaotic life in Missouri, I will update you later with the details... 

Celebrate Life,


Horse-farmer said...

great job Pixie
can't say your eye with a camera is bad, in fact I love the pic of the birds nest.....
get a little closer on the other pic to see everything.

but you are great. see you 12/30

Princess said...

Alright, thanks got the feed back Papa!!! Can't wait to see you!