Saturday, December 8, 2012

What did you do Thanksgiving Weekend, 2012????

This ole Horsefarmer  and his lovely bride the Barngoddess ventured down the vehicle packed Interstate Highway 95 from the Nation's Oldest City to the Birthplace of Speed.   (hey olelongrooffan = how was that for paraphrasing your style of writing???).

Anyway, thanks to my little bigger brother, I was able to get an infield pass to the annual Thanksgiving Weekend Turkey Trot at the Daytona International Racetrack.  That means that I was able to drive my little mule into the center of the action, where there were more hotrods, restored old cars and trucks, name it, it was probably there and all were for sale.

So I went down Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  WALKED MY legs off.  Figured I walked over 5 hours each day.  Needless to say I had to take Monday off to rest up.

Here are some of the pictures I took over the course of the weekend.
First was Friday night we went to my brother John's house and met up with him for the annual "Gaslight parade" down Highway A1A thru Ormond Beach.  We got excellent seats on a 3 ft rise that allowed us to see every vehicle that went by.  WE also met up with a good friend of John's from over at ""  he's web name is "The Mad Hungarian"  funny, I never did get his real name, but between Theolelongrooffan (John) and the Mad Hungarian, Viola and I were treated to the name and year of every vehicle that went by.  Really neat, just like ABC or NBC doing the Rose Bowl parade (sic).

I only got one pic that I can find of the parade, and it was out of focus,

so rather than bore you with more, here are some of the vehicles at the Turkey Trot

as a kid growing up in Jefferson Barracks and later Shrewsbury Missouri, we had one of these Jeep wagons.  I loved it and over the years since retirement, I have entertained getting one, but would rather leave it in my bucket till later

I did find this really neat RV hauler that I was actively looking at.  Put on a early GM one ton frame, it was cool.  The only problem with it, not an extended cab and only had seating for two......... wouldn't work for us.  But it was a really well done rig, including the diesel engine, auto tranny, and ps/pb/pw..... and air conditioning.  

then came this guy, a huge and I mean huge CAT 550 hp engine with an allison automatic tranny.  This rig brought a big smile to my face as I would pull anything, except of course a fifth wheel home like ours.

I joke about items in my bucket, but I really like this year Ford Station Wagon.  It is the ranch special, two seats, two doors.  I just like the looks and the styling.  This one was all original (except it had power steering, a/c, small block 302, auto tranny)  Perfect for the Barngoddess to go shoping with.  Alas 25K was a little too much....

So there are a few pics, the station wagon was taken over by turn 3 and in the back ground you see turn 4, and that area was packed with cars, and I mean packed.  also over the back of the wagon is a 4 door GM that was about 5 feet off the ground.

So enjoy, and one of these days I upload some of the other cars ....
go to this website for a real view:

so folks have fun.  Yesterday and today I have off, and the weather reminds me of Gales Ferry Connecticut.  Foggy, cool (in low sixties), and really damp.
So turn on the fireplace and stay inside.

later all and remember to Celebrate Life in everything you do.
tom and viola

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longrooffan said...

It was fun having you guys down. I too spotted that big Cat over at Belair Plaza one day. Turkey Run is a real treat for me.