Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tornadoes in our life

Now the Barngoddess and I moved to Florida for the warmth and sun.

WE are aware that hurricanes sometimes come through, but they are easy to get ready for and you have a few days preparation.

So what happens????

Night before last a front came through that reminded us of the weather in the Ozarks on the farm. Lots of rain, 2 3/4 inches in 3 hours, lots of wind and at times I reall thought it was hailing. But just big rain drops. So then a tornado hits down near ORlando.

So to keep everything in perspective.... here are a few pictues of the farm.... yep, the farm with a tornado........

Jeep - let your crew know "THIS IS A TORNADO IN THE MAKING!"
it starts this way, and then it goes on to this
and pretty soon, it is becoming this
and it gets better....... it's about 2 miles northwest of us in this shot
notice how we keep getting more of the buildings in the pictures,
well we are heading for the tornado shelter
lucky for us, it turned and headed north of us.
Barngoddess and Little Assistant finally came out to look.
Just to show what really happens when it hits:
this is our hay barn in the previous two pics,
here it is after getting hit
So keep them tornadoes out of the east coast area of the
Oldest City in the Nation.
we've had our share.

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Rose said...

How about we send them somewhere over the ocean?????????