Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Memphis to ST Augustine

to paraphrase my young-bigger brother
# of interstates:  40,240,22,65,10,295,95  =  7
# of state hwys:   73,207,312  =  3
# of state troopers on side of road giving tickets = 15
# of radar traps I drove thru at 75 mph  =  10
# of tickets I got  =  none
my Florida brothers taught me well, set cruise at 75 and leave it, go through radar trap or see trooper with radar, DON'T SLAM ON BRAKES TO SLOW DOWN, leave it at 75,   
thanks Jeep and Long roof and BBB

left Memphis at 9:00 am cst,
arrived St Augustine at 11:00 pm, est

boy are we tired today, but temp is in high 70s and sunny and warm.........

crossing Alabama-Florida state line on 231, saw temp on sign  70 degrees.
knew we would finally warm up.

so thats about it, work tomorrow and friday, then golf on Saturday am.....
can't wait, temp in 70s all week.

Memphis.... keep your cold and wind and rain..............

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