Sunday, January 13, 2013

Great Amazing Race

Viola and I put in for and got selected as Contestants at the Jacksonville Great Amazing Race.

We headed  up to Little Talbot State Park today for the contest.
Weather was perfect.  Wind was really quite calm.  Temp was perfect.

We were entered in the Senior Division.

AND WE WON with a time of 57 minutes 25 seconds.

Really had a great time. 

go to
searchon Great Amazing Race 2013 to see pictures of the contestants and some of the obstacles we overcame.

really was fun.

AND the man running the Race told us we are the oldest team to compete in the Race.  Average age of 65.  
So now we see if any more pictures are posted.

We had a grand time.  But now ache from doing things we havent done.... like racing through sand dunes to the next station.  The best station was with the laundry baskets.  Navigate a course by stepping from one basket to the next.  Oh yeah, two people do it, both of you have to be in a basket before you move the back basket forward; you can't touch the ground or you start over.  And you can't move the basket forward except by using your hand (yep, only one hand, no helping with the foot.)

so we did it.
now to the hot tub to soak the aches and pains away.
tom and viola

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Anonymous said...

Congrats! Really enjoyed the photos especially the two of you in the laundry basket. Did you wet your pants from laughing so hard? Love Vi's haircut! You look good, too.