Saturday, January 24, 2009


Well today was another one of those perfect days in the Ozarks. Clear Sky, bright sun, and cold. The thermometer on the back porch read 16 this morning. Little cool but not as bad as has been.

Now that cold is too too much to the Jeep, Sungoddess, the Kid, his sister and the Ole Rag Top, but it wasn't too bad.

So this afternoon in the famous FORD garage, it's a comfortable 50 degrees. Warmer than the last time the Jeep was here, but it is perfect temp inside for when the weather outside is 104 F with humidity of 95%. Not that it ever got above 30 today outside, just remembering last summer.

Of course the Sharks angel had the water to her house freeze this morning. Seems some animal has dug under her back deck and made a nice hole under her skirting exposing the incoming water line. To fix it, had to cut away part of the deck, so that won't get fixed until it warms up to at least 60 outside. I didn't take a picture because the wind was out of the north, and her deck was on the north east side and it was too cold to operate a camera.

But the best news is that the Bronco is getting fixed.

I recently blogged about wiring that is everywhere except where it is supposed to be and how I had to call the Jeep (which involves having two or three of his lites before I can talk to him = so I can understand him) and discuss wiring.

Well as you all know we have two broncos:

this one:

which we are rewiring so it runs correctly and the battery doesn't drain overnight.
as you can see it is a wiring nightmare....

We also have this one which runs to beat the band and the one the Little Princess helped me fix the door on. This is the one I commute to work in everyday... the one we bought for the Barngoddess1, but has been delegated to me due to a 3 speed tranny and plenty of shifting involved. Here I am working on that one:


Both of the Bronc are the same year - 1966 - both have 302 V8 engines --



So open the hood of the Green Bronc and wire the White bronc the same way..........

Forget the magnefying glass, the tiny wiring diagrams and the color coded charts, just compare Broncs.

Guess that's why I am not a mechanic at Ford...................

So another day ends with me at my favorite auto parts store getting parts for the White Bronc so it can be wired the same as the Green Bronc.....
Rowdy... the parts guy was off today, so I didn't get to spread my cheer with him.

But today..we did


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d5thouta5 said...

well now I'd say that's a pretty good idea....using your head for more than a place to hang a hat....
who needs manuals when you have an actual example parked right there..
sure would have been nice to spend the day playing in your garage.... just too cold yet still...