Sunday, January 11, 2009


So today is Sunday...

Yesterday tried to work on Her Bronc with no success. Went and looked at an old Sear's Chest Freezer with the Barngoddess and Sharks Angel. Now this chest freezer is in excellent condition.. minor problem is during the last ice storm lasting over 12 days without power, the load in the freezer melted and then refroze. We can have the freezer free, just get all the frozen, thawed, frozen stuff out of it, dispose of those items, and haul that freezer out of the basement.
No Prob.......
So this coming week the Barngoddess, Sharks Angel and the Little Princess are going over to unplug the electricity, thaw ... remove ... dump in our dumpster (probably draw all kinds of Possum and Cats, etc) ... clean it out and this coming Saturday I get to go over and remove it from the Basement...
Sounds like a job for my Little Deere, hook rope around it, 2 x 6 on steps, back Deere up and pull from basement.... we'll see.

After all that, we hooked the big trailer to the Big Lil Mule and went to the farm road behind us to corral and load one of our big steers that had jumped a 5 ft barbed wire fence last week and was in the neighbors field. Took corral panels with us and parked the truck and trailer on the road with the trailer gate open to the fence on one side, and corral panels open to the fence on the other side of the road. After bringing that steer out of the back field, it took about 45 minutes to get it going down the road in the right direction. I haven't run so much in a long time..... finally got him headed the right way, and got him into the trailer, doors closed, and loaded up heading for home. Arrived home without problem, turned steer out and looked in trailer..... my clean trailer...... I haven't seen so much manure in one place in a long time.....
Was too winded to do much about it yesterday (temp was in low 30s while we did all this running around.
Went into the house, relaxed a while, had hot chili over rice and a chaser of some of the Jeep's Lite stuff. Went to bed at 9 pm, woke up at 2:30 this afternoon. Must have been tired.
After washing the trailer out... remember all that manure?.... getting soaked in the process, came in and talked to the Long Roof on the phone, then the Bus, having more chili over rice today with another of Jeep's Lites. Jeep, I looked but couldn't readily find the spare tire carrier for the F-1. Could be on the junk pile out back, but too tired to go looking.
Check out that F1 at the new old yard.

I can't remember when I have ached so much.

Guess I am just getting old.

Tomorrow's another week, will have the Barngoddess take Her Bronc to the local body shop to have them replaced door end around where the latch connects, and have them align and make sure the door closes and latches. That danged impact hammer doesn't work worth a dang.. Bus replies he can't get one to work either.... must be cause we don't talk the talk (remember Whatsup, Whacha doing, No prob....)

So to all, have a good nights rest and be assured that I will spend the week at my nice desk job, no running around yards and roads, or lifting anything heavier than my pen........

till next weekend.......................

Jeep enjoyed your junkyard walks, but is there a junk yard dog?... with only 3 legs?..... and only 1 eye??? tail???

name of Lucky????????

To all, remember to

Celebrate Life

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