Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bronco Torture

Uncle jon-jon, today it was over 50 degrees here on the back porch. yes!!!!!!!!!!! We had the garage doors open as we worked on the white bronco.

Sure we got the bronco to start and run, we just couldn't get it to turn off. Ughhhhhh! Grandma asked if she had to lift the hood up when she wanted it to turn off. No way! All we had to do was play mix-match with some wires. No biggy. After a while of being dumpstruck we got the turn-signals to work along with the brake lights, the head lights too work with the new switch.

And guess what?

The people we got the white bronco from put a GM ignition switch on a Ford Bronco. Thats OK it works.

And so after a ten minute break we got up to work on the defroster. Yeah, we ended up doing this...

I'll describe it to yall. First we realized that the screws to take this thing off were facing the windshield. We then started to take all the nuts and bolts holding the roof on off. Easy right?

Wrong!!! There was like 20 of them. And guess what, we just put them on last weekend!!!!!!!

Jay was typing the above, and her hands now hurt from so much typing... so I get to take over.
I of course got my hand smashed in taking off the bolts, but Jay was helping me so it went pretty fast.

Soon we had the roof off and pushed back on the bronc, the windshield down on the hood and the grinder out cutting off screws that were rust welded to the dash. Of course this was after we spent some time trying to drill them out.
So here is what we were after

The defroster vents were broken off and would not accept the defroster hose, so Jay and I had to take them out and put in new ones.... sure, the new ones are still at the distributor, but we were on a roll and now we are ready for them.

Tomorrow it is take the seats apart and sandblast the frames day. We got the new foam in, and the seat covers we won on Ebay are due in middle of the week.

So now the bronc is almost street ready.....
Starts and runs and turns off
All lights work
Horn works
Windshield wiper works (only have one, but that's better than the Jeep)
all the old wiring is gone and under the dash actually looks clean.

So onto the heater - defroster so the Barngoddess doesn't get too cold driving it.

Adjust the brakes and she's ready for the inspection and road.

so that is what Jay (AKA the Little Princess) and I did today.

Of course we had to feed twice, take time off to show the horses to parents of people who are buying two of them.

But we had fun and

Celebrate Life.


d5thouta5 said...

sounds like a fun filled day to the old man said as Jon-Jon was laying on the ground under his old van..."having problems?"..
to which Jon-Jon replied,
"NOPE, just having fun!" .... makes me wish I was there...even with the cold weather..yea I know, 50 ain't cold....but it is here...
what an live wires hot and cold where they belong....and everything works too... good job...gotta know that Mom is getting happier by the day....good job and keep us posted on the B1's progress.....

longrooffan said...

Hey, why not just do a transmission and pedal swap out between the blue and the white one and then thebarngoddess can have the auto and her pretty blue one she really wanted?
Don't mean to start anything, just a thought.
and my word of the day, ablemon, Rasta Mon Rasta