Monday, January 12, 2009


So the saga of Her Bronc driver's door continues.

I use a bungee cord to hold the door shut while I transverse the byways enroute to the place of my employment. Not a problem.

Call the body shop and set up a 5 pm appointment.

Arriving at the Body Shop, I find that the driver's door is latched. Tighter than ever. So the latch mechanism from My Bronc in Her Bronc, being held in place by one screw.... the door latches. And everytime we try at the body shop, the danged door latches shut.... go figure.....

At the body shop he tells me $400 to fix the door. But tells me the cheap way to go is get some wide flat washers and longer screws and see if it works.

Enroute home the door stays latched. Pull in the garage, get out and the dangeable door won't latch........... agh.............

so after dinner (the evening meal, not the noon time meal) the Little Princess, Barngoddess and I head to the garage to work on Her Bronc.

Took out the old bolts and nuts (only two of them) holding the roof to the windshield frame and commence to putting new bolts, lockwashers and nuts in the 5 places that are supposed to have them. Roof now lined up correctly. Little Princess was exceptional in holding the light so I could see what I was doing. Barngoddess passed me the bolts, washers and nuts. So the roof is correctly lined up now. One leak ended.

So Little Princess and I then tighten the screws holding the windshield wiper motor on the windshield frame. Another job done.....

So to the door. We find several large flat washers in the parts bin, find a box of screws (thanks Gentleman Farmer), and proceed to have the LiL Princess screw those screws into the latch mechanism. Everything lines up..... but the door still won't latch. Little Princess says she will get inside and see if she can find what is causing the door problem. Sure enough.... "Grandpa, there's a screw on the floor holding the door open", sure enough, there was a screw keeping the door from closing. Removed that screw and the door latches........YES, YES, what would we do without the help of our little friends and their excellent eyesight.

So then the Little Princess and I fix the license plate bracket, fix the rear upper latch handle, check the door again ... it still closes and latches......

So another fine day fixing minor inconviences of day to day driving an older model vehicle. And we love it to no end.

had to relay story to Long Roof and gave him great web site for Econoline parts.

Little Princess and I are now finishing writing another piece of history on Haven Lee Farm, Marionville, MO.

Another day to CELEBRATE LIFE

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Busplunge said...

reminds of me of the time I couldn't get a bolt lined up on the green mowing machine dashboard.

I tried and tried. Trey came over and got it threaded the first time.

Sometimes 9 year old hands and eyes are better than 59 year old hands and eyes!

ps--time for a beer, my word verification was "i'm pbr"!