Saturday, January 10, 2009


So to continue the saga of Her Bronc's door.

The bolt the door latch hooks to on the body is what I call the Nadar bolt. Doesn't matter is that is the correct name or not, I will always call it a Nadar bolt.

So the latch on the Driver's door will not totally catch the Nadar bolt and I determine that I will have to loosen the Nadar bolt and move it north about 1/4 inch. So after using my brain, I get my biggest screw driver and after several attempts cannot loosen the screws holding that bolt in. I even use penetrating oil and hit the screw a couple times trying to break it loose. No such luck.

So another phone call to the Jeep. Phone calls with him are a riot. If I don't put my ears in, I can't hear him, if I have my ears in I can hear him but not understand a word he is talking about.

The phone call goes something like this:

ME: Jeep, can't break the Nadar bolt screws loose, what do I do?

HIM: No prob, use your impact screw driver

ME: Get a what?

HIM: Impact screw driver, hit it a couple times and it comes loose.

ME: What's an impact screw driver?

HIM: One you hit with a hammer.

ME: Which one is it, the big one or what?

I now feel like the Gentleman Farmer. I have lost touch with reality. I have plenty of screw drivers from little itty bitty to giant monsters. The all look the same to me, which one is the one you hit with a hammer?

HIM: You ain't got one, go to parts store and get one.

Okay, so that makes sense. So today I stop at the local parts store

Rowdy: Hey Tom (he knows my name, say something about where I spend a lot of my time and money) whats up?

ME: Jeep sent me over here for an impact screw driver.

Rowdy: No prob, got one over here. (Do all parts guys use WHAT'S UP & NO PROB ???)
OK, on your account or you gonna use cash?? Yeah I got an account at the
parts store......

So I walk out with an impact screwdriver in my hand. Great I can tackle those screws and have them out in no time.

Get home, put the Big LiL Mule in the garage (it's gonna get cold after today, and I want my baby in the garage.)

Barngoddess greets me, and I tell her we now are proud owners of an impact screwdriver. We'll get them screws out in no time.

So after spending a couple minutes figuring out how to get the impact screwdriver out of the package (worse than child proof medicine bottles). I read the instructions! Yes I read the instructions. I wasn't sure which end to put where and I forgot to ask Rowdy (Parts guys name) how to use it.

So the Barngoddess and I are ready to go. I haul back and strike the back of that impact screwdriver.... nothing happens. After 4 more attempts.... still nothing.

Back and read instructions again,,,,, back and more attempts.... still no luck.

By now I am getting frustrated. Temperature out today was 65 F, but by tomorrow am it will be 25, so I am wanting to get this done tonight. Did I mention the fact that one of the powerful strikes also struck my hand holding the impact screwdriver?

Several more attempts with no luck, and I ask the Barngoddess if dinner is ready.
(Now I have always called dinner the meal you eat in the evening. Alas some folks call dinner the meal you eat around lunch time, which is really lunch and not dinner, although supper can be confused with.... sorry got off track there)

Barngoddess comes back from ice box (we have a refrigerator in our garage.. I call it an ice box... that we keep cold drinks in) with one of the Jeep's lite ones and says lets go eat dinner.

Now it's been years since I have had a lite one, and when the Jeep was here, he left about 12 cans of that Lite stuff in my ice box. Dinner was excellent chicken breast from one of the roosters we raised, rice and veggies from the garden.... plus 3 of them lite things the Jeep drinks.

After dinner I sat down in my recliner to watch the local news. Barngoddess watched the news, a movie and some more before I awoke from my lite induced nap.

So here it is around midnite, it was pouring down rain, and the temp is dropping.
I still don't have the screws undone, the impact screwdriver is on the tool box with the ball peen hammer, and I'm going to call the Jeep in the morning and tell him to get up here and teach me how to use that impact screwdriver......

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d5thouta5 said...

this will take awhile to respond because I haven't stopped laughing yet....okay I'm drumstick was good for lunch to day....and the nap was induced by supper...I've eaten at your table and as everyone who knows....a nap is what you get for desert at the barngoddess's table....good food...
makes you work faster so that supper comes sooner...see where she is going faster to get to the table sooner means more work girl there.
but back to the impact screw driver...I guess I should have warned you about the hand issue....
but then you would never have the chance to experience it first hand.
so..??....did you get the Nader bolt moved...????..or was it a rain out....sure woul dbe fun to be there with you, but....