Monday, January 19, 2009

4 the Bus, NOT the Long Roof Fan

I saw this van the other day on my 60 mile venture that turned into a 120 mile venture.

Thought of the Long Roof and quickly clicked a picture. Now mind you I was at a traffic light and stopped, so it was easy to point and click.

So Long Roof, after I got home I realized it was a Chebby not a Ford,

Found two more on Craig's List Spgfld MO for sale, but alas only Chebbys

So BUS is the Chevy fan, so this is for you................

maybe for BBB too... didn't he used to be a chevy fan, all Luminas?????

no matter that the Long Roof can click pics driving.....
hell I can't even talk on the cell phone and drive.....

Celebrate Life

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