Monday, January 19, 2009

BROKE IT DAY, January 18

So forever and ever it will hence be known that January 18th is now called:


January 18th this year falls on Sunday, and in Florida it was bright and sunny, and in Missouri it was bright and sunny. Only difference was about 25 degrees.

Why you ask, well a long story falls short of really telling the whole story, so indulge with me for alittle while.

1. To start with, I had to move small square bales for the Barngoddess. Now I always use the Big Little Mule in moving those bales, [here is a picture of that mule when it broke down one day];

but today, it was sitting over by the garage, and as I was on my Deere moving those big round bales, I decided to use it to move the little bales.


The Deere is supposed to look like this:

But it now looks like this:

No Prob.........

Online to Grandpa's Tractor Parts and 136 dollars later I have a new exhaust manifold heading for the farm via the big brown truck.
See I am starting to talk like a parts guy.............. aghhhhhhhhhh

So after putting the deere to bed in the hay barn, Barngoddess and I went over to a ladies house and proceeded to remove a large chest freezer from her basement. The chest freezer is about the size of one of the ones we had on the original Haven Lee Farm. The only access was the outside steps that were steep and narrow. Now the Little Princess and her Mom had gone over and removed all the frozen, thawed, frozen, and now thawed stuff from the freezer (have to read earlier post - has to due with power outage due to ice storm).

No prob..... Sharks angel calls her friends and they arrive and we just pull that old freezer right out of the basement without a bit of a problem. On the trailer and home.... great..... into the garage and in place... perfect....

The one thing that didn't go wrong today.

So all four of us decide to go pick up a 5 wheel gator that I am going to fix up and sell on Craig's list. Needless to say, we had the stagecoach trailer on the Little big mule, and I decided to use it to bring back the gator. Barngoddess said I needed the big trailer, but I remarked (oh did I ever not live this down) it'll fit, no prob......

So the four of us drove 60 miles, only to find out that the gator did NOT fit between the side rails of the stagecoach trailer.... gator was 6 inches too wide..... a guy thing about six inches.

So back home, dump the stagecoach trailer, load the big trailer, and 60 miles back ....... glad diesel is only 1.99 here.

So load the gator, strap it down

photo by Little Princess

and realize I have no lites on the big trailer... NO LITES as in tail lights or turn signals, NOT THE KIND OF LITES THAT THE JEEP INDULGES IN........

So here it is 4:00 and we got an hour run home, hoping no locals or state boys are around....... made it home before sunset, so we were safe.

So parked in the yard is the Big little mule, with the big trailer and this 5 wheel gator......

Trying to get it started to get it off the trailer,

photo by Little Princess

I run the battery down, so Little Princess drives while I push it off the trailer and into the hay barn.

Battery removal time and we are ready to proceed..... BUT WAIT THERES MORE

My Brothers: The Jeep and The Long Roof Fan along with The Kid (Jeep's son) take their jeeps and Long Roof (now this is down in Florida folks) out to run in the mud and have some fun.....

Well the Jeep goes and gets stuck right off the bat.......

and kills the motor so now he has water in the exhaust......... so much for the CJ2

But wait along with the CJ2 is the CJ5, so what to do, CJ5 pulls out CJ2 RIGHT?????


Here sits the CJ2 in the water, CJ5 blew a clutch, and the whole crowd had to wait until the Long Roof Fan went back to his long roof and parked it so the help crew would know which one of those forest roads they were broke and stuck on.....
At least the Jeep had a Jeep pull the Jeep out of the woods

But it sure has to be humiliating for the CJ5 to get pulled home by a pickemup and it looks like a TOY pickemup at that, and the CJ2 to get pulled by (egawds) a mini van????????

At least the Long Roof didn't have any problems!!! or did you??????????

Head over to the Longroof's blog to read the full story of that Florida caper... and to see picks of that clutch that went bye bye..

So THAT IS WHY JANUARY 18th will be Broke It Day.

Now let it be said that:

the BUS didn't break anything on January 18... you can't break anything if you don't leave your house.... just look at Dolly Parton hair all day..........

the BBB didn't break anything either.. he can only break stuff if his wife gives him permission to do so..... so the BBB only broke the tops off of more of them lites while enjoying his pool....... so we are lead to believe..

If all can be fixed, not a problem, that's why we



longrooffan said...

Nothing broke on the olestationbus on the 18th, but then, wisely enough, I decided it did not need to travel down that jeep trail to that, nearly drowned, CJ2A.

Lil Jim said...

I broke a bottle of Jamison on the backporch last night while getting a beer out of the fridge. I was also going to drive out and do some target shooting earlier in the day and decided to watch football instead. Now that I know it was broke it day I am glad I stayed in town...oh verification word was subrene, Uncle Tom didn't you used to ride around on those subrenes?

d5thouta5 said...

good blog....just about got all the facts straight too....
'broke it day' I know what the kid was talking about....