Saturday, January 3, 2009

Her Maiden Voyage

Well today the weather was so bad that I just had to get rid of my carharts, get rid of the sweat shirt, and bask in the sun.
Long Roof, temp was over 70 here today. I ran around all day in shorts.

For the Jeep:
After a few minor repairs, Her Bronc made it's maiden voyage today.

Took it on a long voyage to Springfield to visit the Bus. Alas the Bus' camera went the same way as the Long Roof' phone. So no pics available at the Bus' adobe.
He does have the snow plow on his jeep, and it even works.
So after a short visit, the Barngoddess and I headed home.

For a short wheel base vehicle, with the big ____ tires, it drove relatively well. Of course the wind was 90 mph out of the south, so a little hard to tell.
But everyone looks as you go by. Even got a thumbs up from a guy driving a 66 F100 so it was fun. No power steering, no power brakes, you have to drive it. Been a long time since I drove a stick, but it was fun.

Long Roof, enjoyed the videos and glad you shared.

Celebrate Life


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john lee said...

yeah I know, the olestationbus is a three on the tree, no power steering or brakes. It is real driving and, literally, every time I drive that olestationbus, I get a shout out from somebody. Glad it works for you and the barngoddess.