Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Turn

Hey Uncle Jon Jon, it was 71 degrees up here in Missouri Tuesday, YEAH!
All this talk of Papa going to Florida is for the birds. I think its my turn to go south for the winter. (it's really cold up here today, 22 degrees). Papa got to go over the summer and then he got to go to Indiana last week. So now its my turn to go somewhere.
So if I go to Florida, can we stay with you Uncle Jon Jon? or maybe with Uncle Ed? hey Uncle Bob, can we crash at your place? That way the trip will only cost Papa fuel and food. ;)

I would be real good and you wouldn't even know I was there, until I begged you to take me to Disney World and Sea World, see I would be real good.
So no more talk of racing cars, we must first talk of my sand, surf, and sun time.

Did you know today is Grandma's birthday, she says she is only 49! that means she had mom when she was only 16!!! For some reason I don't think thats the truth. But we will never tell her that we believe any different. Happy Birthday Grandma!!

One more thing, I found this really cool picture of Grandma and Papa. I think it's my favorite so far. Hope you enjoy.

I hope you all have a Happy New Year and a great 2009.

See ya soon, (hopefully)
Celebrate Life

Little Princess


Angel said...

I don't think Papa will let us go south yet. The Broncos aren't totally operational, hence the need for us to stay here and be manual labor for awhile....maybe this summer we can talk him into it.

d5thouta5 said...

not counting weekends and holidays, I'd say Happy 29th birthday.....
oh, once the 'little mules' are finished, you have an open pass to my house, with a daily beach pass that includes surfboards and long as peanut butter and jelly is good for you....

Anonymous said...

Thanks Uncle Ed, I don't know if peanut butter and jelly is good for me though. I really hope to get to come to Florida too, once the bronco is done maybe Mom and I can.

Love to all,
Little Princess.