Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Life's decisions

So here I am wondering which of the following the Barngoddess1 is going to want for her Christmas present this year.

After all, I am famous for getting her things that she really needs

1984 - Mililani Hawaii took me 6 months but finally found a snow shovel on Hawaii

1993 - Republic Missouri got her a wheel barrel so she could landscape our new house

2008 - Marionville MO - a Bronco to run around in ??????????

So the stage is set, which one does she

a. want

b. going to get

1973 Bronco (all original)

1966 Bronco (hardtop and hard doors not shown)

Oh the decisions, the decisions us poor folks have to make.
Since she didn't buy the cabin, she is taking her money and getting what she wants, more power to her.

Pictures on Christmas will reveal her choice.


Lil Jim said...

I like the 2nd one better.

big jim said...

I like the first one. I had an ad on craigslist wanting a 1966 Bronco and it got flagged and removed.

oh well, Tom, I tried.


d5thouta5 said...

the first one is cool...but the second one looks pretty tough....
hard choice.....Abe will tell you..