Monday, December 22, 2008

Haven Lee Farm Automotive Repair Shop

Haven Lee Farm was coined by the Gentleman Farmer and is meant as

HEAVENLY Farm, so here are a few of the current properties:

Haven Lee Farm, Marionville, Missouri
Haven Lee 5 Acre Dream, Halltown, Missouri
Haven Lee Shade Tree Repair Shop #1, Bus Division, Springfield, MO.
Haven Lee Automotive Repair Shop #2, Marionville, MO
Haven Lee Farmette, Southern Division, Panama City, Florida
Haven Lee Automotive Repair Shop #3, Jeep Division, Ormond Beach, Fl.
Haven Lee Parking Lot Repair Shop, Long Roof Division, Ormond Beach, FL
Haven Lee Farm, Racing Division, Tampa Fl.

So the past two days have been trying..... oh so trying... without the OleLongRoof here to pick on, it just hasn't been that much fun........ YEAH>>>> that's what they make cell phones for, pick it up and blame John-John.

So when the Barngoddess and I decided to buy our present acreage, the Goddess told me how big the house and the stable were going to be. I got to determine the same for the garage and the haybarn, and I made the garage extra big. Why am I bringing this up???
Well over the past two days, our garage has turned into an automotive repair shop. My last blog talked about working on our Big Little Mule. Well today it was the Jeeps turn to use the shop to work on his big white mule as some electronic piece was not functioning as it should. Now the Kid came along with the Jeep and lasted about that long.....

Enjoy lunch, visiting, racing 4 wheelers for a while, using the 22 long rifle to target practice, and then head home with his Grandpa. Of course in the trip to unload a few rounds thru the long 22, the Jeep and the Kid had to stop and play with #9. John-John and BBB just for you, check out how many layers the Kid has on. LOL

So I look out to see how the Jeep, the Kid, and the Little Princess are doing at target practice, and got to laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. Here are the 3 of them in the back field, and there are 3 big cows and 15 little cows standing around them trying to see what is going on. I forgot to tell the Kid the baby cows will follow you around wanting to be petted.

Our animals are always named "bacon, hamburger, steak, etc" BUT this time we had too many so we just started numbering them. Odly enough, of the twenty four calves we have had this year, guess what numbers have given us the most problem....... LOL yep.

The Jeep and I continued to work on his toy to no avail, it is still acting up. So since we didn't have a computer to tell us what was wrong with the Big White Mule, thus not being able to work on it, we did the next best thing.... we started working on my Little Bronc.

But to the Bus's chagrin, and to counter his statements of yesterday, notice the hood on my little bronc and the hood on the Jeep's big white mule.

Any way, spent about 60 minutes working and got the passenger door fixed so it closes correctly. By then he had to head to his out-laws as the Sun Goddess was calling.

Anyway, we are enjoying a bit of relaxation after two hard days of work. Talked with the Olelongroof tonight and he was soooo uncomfortable, sitting on the launai overlooking the lake, shorts and complaining it was only in the 70s ..... too bad he wasn't here to enjoy.

So the Barngoddess took a hard look at the little mule I brought home for her and decided she didn't want it... You can have it, fix it up and use it until the Little Princess turns 16.

The Barngoddess told me she was taking some of her money and I was going to drive her to Indianapolis (sp) to pick up the Little Blue Bronc she really wants. So here is a pick of her Little Blue Bronc that we will be heading off east to pick up.

Remember, CELEBRATE LIFE it's the only one you got.

BBB, Long Roof, #4, #5 and #10 enjoy the Christmas time and we'll see you on the flip side.


john lee said...

Hey horsefarmer:

Great blog. Have a great trip and take lots of pics.

Busplunge said...

Tom---See the barngoddess and I were having this discussion yesterday as we were looking at the white bronco.
The discussion went like this:
I am glad to see she is not getting a project.