Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Pair

The pair that doubled down and got the Bus to fold.

Jeep, this is the part that is worn out that I was trying to explain to you on the phone this afternoon. By the way, when you hung up the wind stopped and temp outside was comfortable.

Hey the Barngoddess told me I forgot a portion of the trip, so I include it here.

On the way home, everytime we stopped people would ask about it. At one stop I was standing next to the Big Lil Mule filling it up with diesel and a guy walks over and asks "Is it yours?" Here's your sign. He had one and got his pictures out to show me.
When we stopped at Lebanon MO for fuel a guy asked what year it was. Said he saw it at Denny's on Bowles Road but didn't know who the drivers were.

So there, that finishes the trip ..........



d5thouta5 said...

I'm guessing here, but I suspect that the fuel stops were a blast... the guy who saw it in St Louis seeing it later is still talking to his buddys about it I'm sure...always confirms your decision when people compliment your toys....terrible photo of the part you need...send me a better photo....looks like something you might have in your garage....there I go again...old cars and make do parts.....little mules look good in your garage side by side...

john lee said...

Nice Garage horsefarmer. It is only appropriate you, thehorsefarmer, would have Broncos and Mules!!!