Sunday, December 21, 2008



I have searched high and low all over the internet looking for this BMW I325 convertible that he claims to have.
He even had the nerve to call me today bragging about driving down the highway with the roof down, wearing shorts and a tee shirt enjoying the sun. Now this wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't 15 degrees with a wind chill of 5 above here in of MO Land.

So today, the Jeep, Barngoddess1 and I travel to Strafford MO to look at a 66 Bronco that could possibly be a parts truck for the Barngoddess1's little mule.

We found that parts truck, and you would have to pay me $100 to take it off his hands. Rotted out isn't the word for it. But I digress......

The Jeep and Barngoddess1 finally found one of those oleragtops that Long Roof has been bragging about. We even found out who makes those rag tops.
Here is a picture we found that clearly shows who makes the car,thus my inablility to find it on the internet... look at the license plate for your answer.

And that is one of the things we saw today.

Here is another, Jeep pickup, not bad at 40 mph... the Jeep and the Bus both commented that the two rims in the bed were what they both needed.
Oh well.

Of course the big little mule of the family, being driven by the Barngoddess1, broke down along the highway. The Jeep came to the rescue and here he is in his glory, 14 degrees with a 15 mph wind out of the north.

Now to be honest, the Barngoddess was driving, but the waterpump froze up, causing the belt to break. Jeep and I come to the rescue and go to the local parts house for the correct parts and end up towing the Big Little Mule home with the Jeeps big white mule. Meanwhile the Bus is heading for Sam's club to get a couple heaters for my garage so we wouldn't be freezing trying to change the water pump out.

So the Bus and I worked hard yesterday digging fence posts with NO pictures being taken to prove we actually did it. Today there were plenty of pictures. Here is one of the Jeep and the Little Princess slaving over that big little mule's engine compartment.

Here is another of the Barngoddess deciding if the Jeep was following the correct procedure in changing the pump.

And there is more coming, but the Bus, Horse-farmer, Jeep, and the Barngoddess1 all decided that if the OleLongRoofFan had been here, none of these problems would have occurred and the boys would have her Bronc running smoothly.

So JOHN-JOHN, always blame it on that child who is farthest away, and BBB says he saw you flying south of him, so you are it............

And that's some of what happened today. More later, I'm cold and the chile is hot.


john lee said...

'Bout Damn time you got photos to prove your actions!!

That last one was priceless and you will see it again.

Wish I were there!!! Have Fun!!

Busplunge said...

Was I the only one who noticed that in every picture taken of one of HorseFarmer's vehicles the hood was up?

Well, at least we were warm!

Horse-farmer said...

Hey, at least when my vehicles break down, I have the Jeep around to help me fix them.

Bus, I just remember fixing that M131 tranny, and putting the bed on that other one.

Wasn't the Jeep helping us them too???????

There are strange things done in the Lee clan ..............
but the strangest I ever.........

you'll just have to wait for the rest of it.

Celebrate Life

sarinawilson23 said...
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