Sunday, December 14, 2008

Who's at fault???

+So today has been a fun filled day. Lots of phone calls, lots of fuel burned, lots of interesting information obtained, good visit with the Bus, the Jeep junkie, & the Olelongrooffan.

So I gots to thinking... why on earth did the Barngoddess1 let me spend the last few weeks (3 to be exact) covering the internet looking for that elusive 66 Bronco?
Here I was comfortably enjoying life as an old hippie.... wait, I am the last of the baby boomers..
I have a a super duty crew cab for a truck, a taurus for a car, a F-1 for a second truck, and a honda civic lx for the wife's runabout.
So why on earth did I throw that civic to the wind and get the Barngoddess1 a true "rundabout"?
It's the Oleragtop, AKA Olelongrooffan, and it's his fault.
Now to understand:
I had a 1951 Ford F-1 pickup. The Bus has an old yellow short bus and several other old trucks, the Jeepjunkie has an Excursion (super big Ford that carries a bunch) and BBB has a John Deere with a race car.
So the Bus sells the old bus, I sell the F-1 and everything is fine...............
Now along comes the Oleragtop who is not content enough to just be an oletagtop.
He has to go and find an "OLELONGROOF", and life begins all over again. Now the Bus did procur his bus again, but the Oleragtop was the instigator.
So John=John, ever it be told that you were the driving force behind the Bus, the Horsefarmer, BBB and the Jeep in geeting "Oletrucksandjeeps".
love ya


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