Wednesday, December 24, 2008

THE JEEP FIXED IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the Jeep comes to my rescue the sunday when the water pump went out on the Big Little Mule and left the Barngoddess1 stranded on US 60.

So the bill for the Jeep to fix it came to about $250 in parts, 24 cans of the light stuff made by a former St Louis owned brewery, untold amount of electricity to heat my garage. ok no big deal right


yesterday the Shark's Angel took the Big Little Mule to the shop to get fixed.. she calls me on the phone at work and says Hey dad, it's only going to cost you $850 to get the truck fixed.

The jeep fixes my Big Little Mule, and the next day the dealer charges me $850 to fix it ...............

Is there something funny about this tale??????

Jeep, watch out traveling thru Memphis on Sat AM, I may have snowballs waiting for you.


john lee said...

Yeah, horsefarmer, I have had that experience also.

d5thouta5 said...

Hey now...I've been away from electronic communications for a while....but as I know....the dealer didn't fix anything I fixed...hell of a way to spend your vacation....bent over a truck that sits two feet off the ground trying to fix a water pump in 6 degree weather.....think about that....what freezes in 6 degree weather.....and he I am working on least we were able to get it into a barn out of the wind....and the longroof sitting in 75 degree weather with a wind chill of 81 degrees....where the hell was he..??