Saturday, December 6, 2008

Paybacks really are humorous at times

So here comes another weekend and I am ready to sleep in and not let any of the farm animals demand my time until after ten in the morning.

Sounds good, or like the Gentleman Farmer used to say

So once again, I am up at the unheard of hour of 6 am, tending the critters.
Come back in and after three cups of coffee to warm up, decided that if I was up, then by golly so should my little brothers. Now I know that the Jeep probably works today, so I gave him benefit of the doubt and didn't wake him. But that Olelongroof needed a proding and I called him and chewed him out for not being awake. Of course all I got was his answering machine. But I felt pretty good about waking him up.

So about three hours later, the Olelongrooffan finally gets out of bed and calls me back. Now I have been pretty good about getting on his case when he doesn't blog everyday, and I am sure to let him know if it's more than two days since he posted. Well today he got me back..... phone call goes something like this:
Phone rings: I answer and hear the following "Why haven't you blogged this week?" end of phone call.......... lots of laughter and we visited for a while, then I decided to let him go because I haven't blogged all week.

Now I read everyones blog daily, sometimes if work is a tad slow, I jump on the net and see up the Bus is up to, or if 8th of 10 or the Numbers has anything interesting to say. So I follow about the 4th picture and what it means....
WELL I can't post the 4th picture in my pictures folder, If I did we would all be in jail...... LOL......... so here is the 4th 4th picture and a brief on it:

This was a couple summers ago, before the stagecoach came into our hands, and the Barngoddess1 and I were training our little horses to pull as a team. So one afternoon I made a mudboat (but that is a different tale). So flashback to the present and in the process of working the horses as a team, we use the mudboat.

This particular afternoon, the Little Princess decided that she was big enough to drive by herself. So to make the load a little heavier, and in the process, make the horses earn some of their keep, I put 4 square bales of alfalfa on the mudboat and let the Little Princess take the reins and drive.

She really did quite well, and I was pleased that she knew the basics of what she was doing. The horses did their job according to plan and we moved about 8 square bales this way.

So that is the 4th 4th picture in MyPictures folder.

So the 5th 4th picture was again of the Little Princess, this time driving the Super C (which by the way is her tractor, and when she is a little older, I will have it restored to original and she will take me to parades, tractor runs, etc, but again that is a different tale and will be told later). So the Little Princess is helping me put up fences (NOW THIS IS PRE-TORNADO #2) and she now wants to drive her tractor back to the barn. Why not???
So here she is driving HER TRACTOR

She did extremely well, and didn't run into anything. Bet you were waiting to see what she ran into............. LOL.

She stops the tractor by turning off the key. That was two years ago, pre-tornado # 1 and # 2 and # 3; the poor super C has riden out three tornados to this day, and now sits peacefully in a corner of the big barn waiting to be restored and once again show off out here at the farm.

And that's all I got to say about My Pictures. Well for the time being anyway.

Also today the Little Princess and I butchered three nice big roosters, didn't have a camera, but trying to catch them reminded me of the keystone cops. But after catching two and running around trying to corral the rest, we caught one and that was it. So now, three nice big chickens in the freezer.

So now I have to leave because tonight is "Christmas on the Square" here in Marionville, and the daughter and granddaughter have talked me into coming down and helping out. Steph has really become involved in the local activities and it makes me smile to know that she is being counted on.

Later all and have a good day.

John.... that is my post...


john lee said...

and a good one it is. Bout damn time horsefarmer.

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good reading TC