Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A racing we will go

So I have been trying to get a reason to go to Tampa Florida for some time, in fact trying to determine why I needed to go to Tampa at all.


Get the Barngoddess to go in with me on this car.

or this one:

Get the Bus to repaint to the 48 car colors.

Get the Long Roof to drive up here and haul it back in his ole long roof, of course paint the Long Roof to the Lowe's colors.

Get the Jeep to run his mechanics over it to ensure it is race ready.

Head for Tampa for the races.

Of course we will have to find a Lowe's riding lawn mower and a trailer to haul it with. Painted to the Lowe's colors of course.

Horse-farmer could buy a longer trailer and haul the Lil Bronc and the Bus's Jeep down so all could play in the sand with the Jeep and the Kid.

And we could race BBB and his green Deere car all around the cul-de-sac.

Have fun, and CELEBRATE LIFE


john lee said...

I'll do it, horsefarmer. Just to let you know, it is a chilly 71 degrees here today! Great post!

john lee said...

Oh, and I bet the Bus has a spare tractor sitting around somewhere!!

jim said...

John Lee said..."Oh, and I bet the Bus has a spare tractor sitting around somewhere!!"

Naw, I just see everything twice.

Look--Tom has two Broncos!

But seriously folks, what's the deal with all the go carts? You'd think gas was only $1.39 a gallon!