Thursday, May 5, 2011


Just a little trivia to spice your day. I came across this info while searching for something else, and now my day will not be complete without passing it on:

Motto: Ne Incantus futuri
Not guarded against the future

Arms: Gules, a fesse chequy orange and azure between ten billets argent, four
in chief, three, two and one in base.

Crest: On a staff raguly, lying fesseways, a squirrell sejant proper cracking
a nut, from the dexter end of the staff a hazel branch vert, fructed or.(sic)

The origin of the Lee family stems from Reginald de la Lee who was of Norman ancestry and made his home in the English village of Scropshire in 1195.

Members of the Lee family attained distinction in the important posts they held through the centuries. Among them were no less than eight High Sheriffs of Shropshire from 1201 to 1639.

One of the early settlers bearing this name was Richard Lee of Shropshire who established his home in Virginia in 1640.

Persons bearing this name can be justly proud of their heritage. Among the prominent people of the family who have played important roles in our history were Richard Henry Lee and Francis Lightfoot Lee who were signers of the Declaration of Independens. "Light Horse Harry" Lee for his brilliant military exploits during the American Revolution and last, but not least, General Robert E. Lee, beloved Confererate General during the Civil War.

Their descendants can be found today in all parts of our land and are well represented in the arts and professions as well as in the world of business.

This was behind the family crest that Mom and Dad had hanging in their house for years.

So Lee Family... be proud and enjoy today.


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