Thursday, December 15, 2011

Working towards Christmas 2011

WEll it's been a few weeks since I've been to these pages, but not all has been playtime.

Viola found this really neat tree and lights at the flea market, and a neighbor made the wreath in the background

Yep we have been hard at work, remodeling our current home...........
Took the old couch out and installed new recliners.
But not until we first brought in the patio furniture to rest in until our new chairs came in.

A pic of the patio chair I love so much

and here is Viola's new chair

and here are both of our chairs

So how was the decision made to remodel? We went to Jacksonville FL to look at furniture and got lost. Yep, ended up on the Beach. So a couple pics of the two of us on the beach at Jacksonville (JAX).

and of course we have been looking at new modes of transportation. Can't decided on what color, but may be making one of these our new mode next year. Notice three wheels so we don't fall over. Even has reverse.

And going down the highway, noticed a truck with my name on the back of it.....

One of the campers that spent a couple nights across from us.... really neat trailer

and of course we have been making the trip to the Birthplace of speed on a regular basis, so regular that the car now drives itself home after a full day down there.

So we are spending evenings with the card thing and glad to inform our friends that we are now warm and dry, instead of cold and damp.
Of course over last 3 days we've had 6.5 inches of rain.......oh well.

tom and viola


longrooffan said...

hey..i recognize that patio furniture...somewhere in the 80's in the Jefferson homestead...

Bushwacker said...

wow, You look so busy preparing your decorations for Christmas, and your motorcycle had a nice wheels and the truck also I could read it " TG Lee " :)

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auxarc said...

Hoping that new motorcycle comes with 2 rainsuits.

Merry Christmas Tom and Vi.