Saturday, November 16, 2013


Hello again all!!  I know, you must have missed me a lot by now and I sincerely apologize for the wait... Lol..
Anyway, yeah, I have been kinda busy, so I am sorry for not writing sooner.

If you have not heard, and I don't imagine most of you have..  The Comets are the 2013 District 2 Football Champions!!!! I am beyond proud of our boys this year!! Sadly, we got knocked out today in the Quarter Finals, but I am fine with that!

Anyways, sorry, I am just really proud to be a Comet at this moment.  Um, so Papa reminds me to write a blog before the game today, and I had so much I wanted to say, but now I can't remember!!! AHH!!!!

I will get back on later when I remember...

BYE everyone!!!!!!


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