Saturday, July 19, 2014

Viola and Mike

So after a hecktick (sp) week, Viola decided she wanted to go to Omaha and visit her brother.  So from Elkhart Indiania we headed west on I-80 (the Elkhart trip is a whole diff story to be published later)........... 

Gary Ind wasn't too bad...... 

then came Chi town...........  Chicago on a Wednesday afternoon around 2:30 pm on I80 is pure hell..... imagine Daytona 500 on an interstate with the race vehicles being semi trucks, and we are in the middle of it with out little truck n trailer........  somehow we made it, even though we missed the "detour" I80 sign, and the guy at the toll booth directs us "exit here, turn right, go to US 41, turn right and I80 is right down the road"........   ever drive a crew cab pickup with a 40 foot 5th wheel RV through downtown Chicago at 1:30 in afternoon?   Also "right down the road equates to 10 miles............ finally get on I80 with all the semis..... 

Somewhere in this town I turn the corner and get blocked by a semi and right trailer tire hits curb.  Needless to say the rim is shot.   Ended up backing up and going wider to make the corner.... should have ran into the semi for cutting me the way he did.  OH well.......

So we stop in LeClair Iowa... to visit one of our favorite History Channel Show's Home Port...........
Viola hits it up with Mike and we get a picture:

Yep that is Viola n Mike from Antique  show. in his shop.
Also got a few pictures of the shop so you just have to look at them, after all I didn't take them to not share.......... LOL
The shop was great

College girl asked if we wanted pic together and she did a nice job of getting us with the "trade mark" vehicle
I was impressed with this VW, alas not enough toy money left

Heard a voice in the shop, and knew it was Mike


His bike on left, and he is standing behind girl in white shirt

Member the little white car?  now red with white top, asking price $25K

I member the show where this was bought. didn't have $2500 today

Bikes in the new shop, forgot to get what make?

AS we left, on street behind the shop, where we parked out little truck illegally (was only place it would fit) found this little guy 

and Viola wanted until she saw this one

still had dealer tags on this VW rag top.
So that was our visit, I did get Mike to autograph a sign for me.....
But Viola got the hugs.......
more later

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longrooffan said...

sounds like a great trip..glad you two are having fun..