Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fishing in the Ozarks


A number of different terms could be related to this style of fishing. Several people would call it illegal. A bunch of others saying that the poor fish is treated inhumanly.........

Who gives a rats a_ _ what others say, it is my farm and I'll fish any dang way we want to.

So - how do you get that fish that won't bite a worm, won't bite a lure, well it's easy if you live in southwest MO.

You put a pump in the pond,

start it up and drain the damned pond.

Hence you can see that illusive fish out there in the water....

and then you use the newest redneck fishing equipment to catch him.

And you get a fish that is 24 inches long and has a heck of a lot of fish to eat when you cook it up.

Of course you get a little dirty with this style fishing, who cares, it was fun.

we got the fish, we drained the pond, and when we are done, we'll have a fish fry and go swimming in the new pond.

Just a little more dozer work, fix the dam to make it easier to mow, put the floating dock in the center of the pond (with a walkway of course), and then restock the pond with bass and we'll be ready to go.

And all day today, my wife, my daughter and my grand-daughter and I had a grand ole time playing in the mud and the muck and we dang sure did what we were supposed to do on such a wonderful day.............

CELEBRATE LIFE................


Anonymous said...

You guys seem to have all the fun.

Busplunge said...

Apparently you HAVE been busy!