Monday, September 13, 2010

WE did it

Today was one of those Chamber days down here in Mississippi. Temp in the 80s, humidity in the 50s. Perfect mild on shore breeze.

The Barngoddess1 and I got up late and changed plans for the day.

So we drove over to the oldest golf course in Mississippi. Yes that is right, the oldest golf course.

Needless to say I took a lead from the LongRoof and walked right in and asked if I could play 18..

Yes sir, just sign here.

Can I walk?

No sir, you need to take a cart so you don't tire out too quickly.

And that my friends is how I got to play the oldest golf course in Mississippi.

The Great Southern Golf Club, Biloxi, MS.

Start at the beach, head to the swamps, and return to the beach. What a course!

If you come to this area, you have to play this course.

It looks very easy and simple, but has little tricks in it that just drive you crazy. Take the ninth hole. It is a blind hole, 350 some yards long. You don't know where you are going due to the trees and layout.

I hit the driver about 230 on that hole and was in perfect position to play a wedge to the green. Wow what a course.

We took quite a few pictures, but due to the cable being in Missouri and us being in Mississippi, well, I'll just post pics later.

Now this course was established in 1908 and it is great.

Oh yeah, when paying for the 18 and cart, I asked if they gave a military discount.

Yes sir we do!

I gave him a twenty, he gave me a score card and key to the golf cart, and I went and played 18 on some of the best holes I've played in a long time.

The par 5, 510 yard, number 15 was the killer. Three shots and I was over the green, took three more to make the green, and one putt gave me a 7. But the scenery was perfect.

Play this course if you love golf and come to this area.

And don't forget to ask for military discount if you qualify.

And then we roamed over to Waveland and spent two hours on a great beach, just walking and talking, walking and not talking, just spending time together.

Saw several baby sting rays (or were they manta rays), and enjoyed just walking in the water and spending time together. Also saw a lot of left over damage from Katrina and Ike. Sad to see so many vacant lots with just foundations left.

But then we came back to our mobile house and had some excellent steak, thanks to the Barngoddess1 and "hamburger".

More later, as we

Celebrate Life


longrooffan said...

Sounds wonderful horsefarmer....glad you and the barngoddess are getting in some relax time...

Busplunge said...

Thumbs up, Tom and Vi!
What was the occasion? Just a getaway?