Friday, December 10, 2010

Finally catching up

Well I am finally catching up on my writings, but first a big big birthday celebration to the #1 son of Robert G and Mary L Lee.
Robert G. Lee, Jr.

or BBB as the Longroof and Jeep refer to him.

Happy Birthday you old coot, have another one from the Tiki Bar and take a dip in the pool.

So while my older brother gets older, I will fill you in on some of the doings around here lately.

You remember the post about the maiden voyage? well that tractor is back in the Ford Garage getting another overhaul. Yep, my able daughter, my noble assistant and Derrick have been transferring features from our old tractor to the new tractor - little things that make it easier to drive.

So here are a couple pics of the goings on

this one shows Derrick under the new tractor putting the hydraulic filter cover back in. This is the replacement so the loader hydraulics can be connected.

Steph and I are preparing the new tractor to receive the new battery box-dash which replaces the rusted out old battery box.

So progress on Tuesday evening came to a screeching halt when this old Horsefarmer did something wrong, not sure what, but my back gave out again, and I couldn't lift the wires to hook to the battery. So for the past three days, it's ice, heat, ice and just laying around resting.

Went to the Doc today, x-rays, prodding, pushing, tapping, punching, stretching, = you know all that stuff the Docs do to see if it hurts and where it hurts.
Heck just sitting here it hurts.....
anyway somehow I sprained my lower back again.

Needless to say, no traveling to look at a bunch of 60's mopar vehicles at auction, no working on the tractors, no nothing.........
lay around with ice, heat, ice for the weekend.

Danged if it ain't hard getting old.

So hopefully, Monday I'll be able to move about without a lot of painkillers in my system.

So enjoy your weekend.

At least I can still enjoy the company of the Barngoddess1 and our kids and grandkids.

So in that I proudly Celebrate Life.

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