Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Free Speech or Not

There has been an incident in Greene and Christian Counties over whether an FBI visit to a local Christian County Blogger who ran the "Long is Wrong" website during the past election, that is taking many sides. His blog was critical of Billy Long, our newly elected Congressman who is taking Roy Blunts spot.
Reading what the Springfield paper has to say, listening to KSPR news, and reading all the posts surrounding this incident, makes me wonder whether we have free speech or not?

New to this incident? Billy Long gave Capital Police the name(s) of people who he felt threatened by (in lieu of the shotting in Arizonia).

Sheriff Arnott of Greene County went with FBI agent to blogger's home (in Christian county) and sat through the interview which was recorded by the blogger.

I read over 140 threads about this in the Springfield paper and have a few comments.

First I seldom get involved with opinioning my thoughts on political matters, my retirement and my job are Federal, but I feel this needs to be expounded upon:

The real question is still unanswered.

I live in Lawrence County, if Sheriff Jim Arnott from Greene County came to my door with an FBI agent or any Federal agency, I would politely ask him to explain why he was in my County, and then before allowing entry to my property, I would call my Sheriff and get him and the Highway Patrol and the County Commissioners to come over and be here for the visit.

If the FBI and Arnott have to sit in their car waiting, well so be it.

The bottom question is: What jurisdiction does Arnott cover? Why was he in Christian County? Why didn't he notify CC Sheriff? Who was paying his wages and whose vehicle did they use (all over news about not enough money for GC Sheriff's office)?

The Capitol Police will never release why someone's name was released as a threat!

I enjoyed reading the blog "Long is Wrong", The Busplunge's Blog and the Springfield newspaper, so I was better versed in who was running for Congress. The TV stations and Newspapers lack the indepth annalysis that used to be the best place to find information.

Unfortunately, we (the majority) elected another "Roy Blunt Clone". Not even in DC a month and already having wine tasting parties that you can attend, if you have money! Hey Billy, when will you dump your wife for a young sexy chick so you can really follow Roy's ways?

Now that I've made statements against Long and Ole Roy, I await the FBI's visit to my farm, where the sign says .............................!

What happens in DC, shouldn't stay in DC, but be known to all.
Tom Lee

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