Saturday, January 15, 2011

Long Time No Write

Well, I haven't been plagued with writer's cramps, or brain farts, or not being in the mood.
I just haven't taken time to write latey, as I have been busy.
Not as busy as the Bus, or the Jeep, or the Longroof, but been doing lots in the cold.

Finally got both tractors rebuilt. Yep, long and hard work, forgotten how hard it is to make pieces and to weld (when the metal doesn't want to be welded), and to put everything back without have any left over parts.
Today was perfect, didn't need a heater in the Ford Garage, and got the tractor put back together with only one snag... my noble assistant wasn't around to help, so I got the boy (Derrick - Steph's friend) to help me. Things go easier when there are two working a project.

Last weekend, the wife and I made a trip to KC to look at a 52 Cabover with a dump bed. But alas, it didn't work out.

Also, due to the cold, the chickens haven't been laying eggs, so early this morning the Boy and I filled all the huge holes in the chicken coop north wall with expando foam. When we built the chicken coop, we used green boards I had milled from a large tree, and well now that wood has finally dried out and shrunk. I am still pealing that foam off my fingers. But at least the chickens will sleep warmer tonight.

I am now looking at the Farmall Super C to determine how big a project it will be to make it parade ready. And the Bronco will soon have smaller tires. The big 33 inchers are boss looking, but with manual steering, the are a pain to turn. Also makes the Bronc too tall, and I need a ladder to get into it.

Lots of things going on when the weather doesn't allow outside work.

So tomorrow and Monday and Tuesday (yes I have Monday off, and taking vacation day on Tuesday) I can spend cleaning the Ford Garage.... amazing how much oil, grease and dirt ends up on the floor when rebuilding something.

So enjoy yourselves and don't party too much this weekend.

More later, and of course I forgot to take pictures, so if weather cooperates tomorrow, may get some pics of the two tractors, the bulldozer in my front yard, and who knows what.....

Later all

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d5thouta5 said...

happy to read that you are having productive days in the glad I live here in the sunshine state where it never gets cold....
oh wait...been cold here cold to even get outside and that really hurts since I do not have a big ford garage....but hasn't snowed here...yet....
look forward to the photos...