Sunday, February 19, 2012


Here it is, 6 weeks since we put the moneys down on our new house - and still no new house.

We're waiting for the factory to churn out the units. We do have the serial number for the new house, but alas no new house.

So I am at the point that I am getting tired of waiting. Yup, I just can't believe it takes an RV company 6 weeks since we ordered, and still no unit.

So where is this leading?????

I found a better "new house" and all I have to do is get the Jeep up here to help me out.

Better yet, I'll probably need the LongRoof Fan and The Kid, and probably need my Noble Assistant TOO.

So what is better that a mobile house, yes one we can hook up to the "little mule" and move around at moments notice. After all there are hurricanes down this way, oh and tornadoes too.

But being how the Jeep is so great at getting things "unstuck" from the mud and muck- don't believe me--- every pic I have of the Jeep he is in a jeep in water "stuck".
here's the last time

So I get the Jeep to bring his jeep, get the Bus to come down with the Bus and Trailer (not the bus on trailer), the bus so he has a place to sleep (in the bus), and get the Long Roof Fan to bring his Ford Econo up (you know, the one him and jeep use to get the jeep unstuck),

here's a pic of their last time in the mud and muck

so the Jeep pulls it closer, the Long Roof Fan pulls the jeep, and we put it on the Bus's trailer that he pulls with the Bus......The Kid is the Longshoreman who gets to go into the water to connect everything.

So what is it I think should be my next new best home......... I give you a picture!

All the while this poor Beachbiker (aka Horsefarmer, aka Sailor), along with his Barngoddess1, (ala Beachgoddess, aka The First Mate), and of course My Noble Assistant, well we do what I am doing our most important job:


The Jeep doesn't have that jeep; The Long Roof Fan doesn't have that van; The Bus is snowed in;

Alas, I guess I'll just wait till next week to get our new house on wheels.

Meanwhilewecontinueto CELEBRATE LIFE downhereinbluehairland


auxarc said...

you got it yet? pictures please

Ayasha Kieth said...

Did you get your new house on wheels? Can you post some photos of it?

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