Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So what do the old folks do?

So I hate to pass on what the old folks are doing, see it's kind of like what is really going on down in sunshine land that the old folks occupy their time with? +

Down in warmer weather land, my oldest brother, BBB occupies his time with his tractor and trailer:

Now in SW MO, the Bus occupies his time politicing:

And in the Birthplace of Speed, the Longroof occupies his time keeping us abreast of happenings down racetrack way (including the Rolex 2012)

Where as down in Ormond Beach the Jeep occupies his time with things that he has been doing since he was a kid:

So it's not surprising that the old folks in St Augustine Beach occupy their time playing with helicopters, toy helo' at that:

So that's how we celebrate life down here.


longrooffan said...

that helo looks like I know why you didn't want me to come up last were to busy playing with that thing!! Nice post horsefarmer...

Car Magnets said...

Really does look like a fun event, I really enjoy trying to get the 4-wheeler across the pond, and flying remote helicopters looks like a great time