Thursday, November 29, 2012


So My Noble Assistant sends me an email the other day saying that I have been very neglegent in keeping her posted as to what the Barngoddess and I have been doing. So I am back to writing again.

  Truth is I forgot my password and JC had to find it for me. Being the Nobel Assistant that she is, I am now back online.

We spent Thanksgiving at the Daytona Beach Racetrack, yes the famous Daytona 500 race track. It was Turkey Trot days and there were so many cars down there, we spent 5 days walking around, and I finally got to see all the infield.
here is pic of Barngoddess at that famous infield. She even spent one day walking with me for about 6 hours.
This was probably my favoritest vehicle down there.

Then I did meet Marvin Panch. google his name and see how many races he won. I got to visit with him for awhile. My brother, TheOleLongRoof even had a blog about him over on

So that is all for now. I am still working on loosing weight, and am now consistently below the 207 lbs mark. Thats about 20 some lbs since June.

So there you are.
More later

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