Sunday, February 3, 2013

What we've been up to

AS SOON AS I FIND WHERE I FILED THE PHOTOS ON THIS COMPUTER I'LL POST THEM HERE. So that beautiful bride of mine and I have been running all around northeast Florida enjoying the time we spend together.

So first, a couple weekends ago we actually played tourist and visited the tourists traps in the nation's oldest city.
At one stop was the St. Augustine History Museum.  Took this picture of Viola next to America's original camper.... we joked about traveling around the west in it......... talks good, but doesn't listen so well........

Anyway later on a different weekend we took a road trip..... yes we burned up more fossil fuels just driving around.  Oh well, we enjoyed our time together as always.
So on way home we were getting hungry, so we took a chance and stopped at a cafe besides the highway and along the St. John's river.  Here are a couple pictures of where we were sitting for dinner.  Perfect view of the river.

Then today that bride of mine made we very humble... here we are at the golf course and a couple pics of her on the tee box.  By the way, she out drove me on this, the ninth hole.  Of course, I was playing the blue tees, while Viola was playing the reds. 
I went over and took her picture and missed this excellent drive.  Right in the range of 150 yards. 
Even more humbling was the fact that she beat me on the front nine, I had a 46 and she came in with a 45. 
Of course I venture to say the new golf clubs we had custom made for her had a lot to do with it.  And the hour and a half lesson from a local pro seemed to really boost her confidence.

So I keep trying at the game: As my DAD once said:   a great walk throught the pastures and woods, spoiled by a little white ball. 

So that's what we've been doing.  What's been your excuse for not writing......

Tom and Viola

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Anonymous said...

The long or short excuse Dad??
The long is way to long and the short doesn't cover even half of what we've been up to!
Having tons of fun doing it all though!
Love you,
Steph, Derek and Family