Saturday, January 9, 2010

He missed the best ones

Now for those of you who know my family (esp the boys) you know that we are car hoots, yep, Fords GMCs and esp Jeeps

Well recently my little bigger brother posted on his blog about family cars.
You can view it here:

Now what he tagged it with was OLD car photos with OLD people in them.... insinuated that I am old.....

But the best is that he missed an opportunity by not posting better pictures of the two wagons of my life..........

So I post them here for those of you who would like better pictures of those two old wagons... esp for us OLD people who really remember trips to the lakes (Fellows and Table Rock)

So John-John, here are two you missed:

Ford Wagon
Pram Sailboat
Mast Throught windshild

Best line I ever hear Mom say

"Thought you wouldn't notice"

and another one that preceeded the one above

Ford Wagon
Model A
Grand ole car
Eddie EVERS trailer
and a wheel barrel in the back of the wagon.

So you OLD long roof fan, I give you two more to help you
sit back under your warm comforter, having a sip from your hurricane supplies




longrooffan said...

Thanks horsefarmer....

Busplunge said...

I remember that Model A arrival, there are more pics around somewhere. Ed Evers hauled the trailer back to St. Louis with his 64 GTO Convertible.

Now THAT was a hot car!

d5thouta5 said...

not sure which one of those country squires is more desirable now.....I'm thinking the one with the Ford on it's rear bumper.....