Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another Chamber of Commerce type day

Yes fellow country men, today was another Chamber of Commerce day. Perfect cloudless and hot with a breeze to keep you cool.

So after a long night of uninterrupted sleep (we put the dogs in the garage and closed the doors = so they didn't bark all night).......

I awoke at the leisure hour of 8:00 am and after a breakfast to die for = the barngoddess1 made bacon, eggs and toast with strawberry jelly, and a couple cups of that good ole coffee, it was time to hit it.

Now I have a ton of things on the honey do list..
and last night the team (Me, daughter, granddaughter, and wife) put up some thirty bags of corn... yep, as soon as I got home from the money making work, the four of us went to the garden and pulled corn cobs off the stalks. Don't know how many cobs we ended up with, but there were several 5 gallon buckets, and the big blue pail that normally holds water for the critters.
JC and I stood in the new breezeway, and pulled the husks off the cobs, getting all the danged blasted jap beetles off, then sent them inside to wife and daughter to start the process. Then after sitting in pots of hot boiling water, then into the ice bath, I cut the corn fm the cobs. We finally put the bags of corn into the freezer about 9:00 pm and got to sit and relax.

So this morning, it was working in the garden again, this time restaking the tomato plants = we have the wire cages, but the wind blew half of them over last night, so T posts to the rescue. we also pulled all the onions and hung them from the fence to dry out....
here are some neat pictures of that event:

of course a closer view:

after that, JC and I headed off to support the #48 Nascar team buying more items.
Now I have to admit that I like Lowe's better than Home Depot. Lowe's give Military active duty and retirees at 10% discount... yup, 10% off, all you have to do is ask when checking out, show your id card, and they take it off. I don't know if Home Depot does that, but the couple times I've asked, Depot said no...

Anyway, two windows and a new door and we were headed home. JC and I have this thing about shopping at the Republic Lowe's vice the Monett Lowe's. When we go to Republic, we can always stop at DQ on the way home for an old fashioned ice cream cone. Sure worth the trip.

Anyway, got the door hung, got one of the windows hung, got the roof caulked and ready for the roofing paper and tin. So tomorrow comes early again, and after the morning prayers, will be on the roof putting the finishing touches on.

Jeep and Long Roof, you are missing a grand ole time here. Did hear from #10, and she was helping The Bus paint and clean at one of his houses. She is glad to be back in MO instead of blue hair land, but wait till Jan and Feb to hear her say that.

So everyone out there enjoy your weekend. We are....
and at my age, I am very thankful that I still have the energy to accomplish the jobs I want to tackle.

and everyday I get up, while drinking that first cup of coffee, I

CELEBRATE LIFE..............

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