Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's Done

Well after slaving away on Saturday, and then a late start today, we finally got almost everything done on the Breezeway addition.

Some pieces of trim around one window, and a Z channel and we'll be done with the outside.

Lots more inside, but that is another adventure.

The view from the south as you come up the drive from the highway:

and as you come around back, the view from the northside:

So that's about all from this neck of the country, cepting J beat me at Golf again, but I trounced her 3 games - nil in tennis.

PSS: someday I'll learn how to set the date on the camera. Pics show date of 7/13/2007 yeah...... what were we doing back then??? was it "The Coop"?

So we settle back to a quiet evening after spending a weekend


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You know i thought you said it wouldn't take to long to build this. it took forever!!!!! ah, well it was worth it... maybe. LOL.

Love Ya,
Little Princess