Sunday, July 25, 2010


So since taking on this massive project

= mind you without the help of the Florida crew, {who helped put The Coop up in record fashion

we continue the saga of bulding the breezeway. With the help of the Barngoddess1, Sharks Angel (daughter), Little Princess (granddaughter - aka my noble assistant), and Derek (daughter's friend), we continue to make headway on finishing the breezeway before winter hits.

For John, here is another picture of that scaffolding that isn't OSHA approved, but works great. Notice no safety harness either. Glad Missouri isn't an OSHA state.

and another picture of the opposite side of that wall, with more scaffolding in place over the hot tub so a window can be framed out and installed without moving the hot tub.

A few more shots so you can see the progress. But first another picture of my Noble Assistant holding the scaffolding steady while it was being screwed together.

a picture of Sharks angel and I putting the north wall on:

and a picture of the two of us arguing which LEVEL is indeed LEVEL.

Now if you remember way back in this family's saga, you would recall a project we were doing that involved a LEVEL that my brother (The Old Long Roof) had as a youngster, it was't so level

but no matter how we tried, the two levels we had, never paired up and matched. So OK now what, put the tin up flush with the garage and go on. PS A new level for Christmass would be great!!

But after 7 hours of
1. putting the roof on: yes the roof is finished, even put tar paper down under the tin to deflect any tin sweating down the roof.
2. building our own souffet to include holes for vents
3. painting the soufeet, well primering it
4. getting 3 pieces of siding on

The Little Princess and I decided to call it quits and go play 9 holes of my favorite game = golf. Unfortunately she whipped me: Jay 3 under, Tom 3 over
a picture of us mid game

and that is it for Saturday, July 23, 2010, at the Haven Lee Farm, just outside Marionville MO.
Today, I am so sore it is 9:42 am and I still haven't got up the energy or over the aches and pains to go outside and start anew.

But with all the aches and pains, we still enjoy life and by being able to still do the work we do ----- we

CELELBRATE LIFE to its fullest.

ps. Ed and John, miss you guys, but you are here in spirit.
Ed - left some bent nails for you
John - that level isn't level!


1 comment:

longrooffan said...


1. That level was fine the last time I had possession of it. If you didn't use it as a pry bar all would still be well with it.

2. Didn't you learn anything from thejeepjunkie while building that 'Coupe'? The proper way to trim structural roof timbers is with a chain saw. Put that sawzall away this minute!

3. It is spelled soffit.

4. Your noble assistant is sure a little cutie.

Finally, hope you and thejeepjunkie get to play a round or two of golf this week. And not from thebarngoddess's living room sofa!

Miss you guys and know I am living vicariously through you this week.