Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Snow came and more is coming

WELL, Friday night we got a little more snow, 2 inches to be close to it.

So now the Farm crew is in a pinch.

I remember my Dad, the Gentleman Farmer, going out into his garage, using his 4X4 to go to the end of his driveway (about 60 feet) to get the mail whenever it snowed. I laughed so hard my eyes teared.

What has become of me? 20 years ago when it snowed, I would diligently clear the snow from the driveway, sidewalks (we didn't live in town so this part was easy), and generally have everything cleared soon after the snow stopped.

All this week, I went out to the garage, got in my truck, and drove to work, stopping at the mail box on the way home. Now my driveway is over 700 feet long, so to walk is a chore.

Yesterday, the Barngoddess1 asked if I was going to clear the drifts so she could get out. Yes mamma, if you want the snow cleared, yep I'll get it done.

So out to the haybarn (tractors are both in haybarn because my huge garage (30 by 40) is full of everything else = bronco, my pickup, pto generator, furniture from travel trailer = you know all that stuff that accumulates.

Well, both tractors are diesel, and guess what? Yep reminds me of the time my little sister Carol came up from Blue Hair land with her mercedes diesel during Christmas time. I really like that car she had, but when she was here, the temp plunged and lots of snow came. Now Carol had not plugged her car in and when she went to start it = well, call the Jeep, and her car got towed to his Goodyear dealership and parked inside to warm up.

So neither tractor would start, even jumping from the Little Mule. So after trying to pull one tractor out of the way and almost burying the Little Mule, we pulled that battery and onto the charger it went.

So what to do while charging? Play Mario, world eight and get killed plenty of times. To make a long story short.

I started the adventure of getting the tractors started shortly after returning from the Vet. Oh I didn't tell you that the daughter scheduled to have the two bulls Derek and her are raising, taken to the Vet to be dehorned, shots, and castrated. So we hooked up the horse trailer and loaded the two of them and went to the vet, then home and jockeying around show drifts to get the trailer close to the gate....

So what started at 8 am, ended by 1030; and I was ready to get tractors as afore mentioned.

It was 3 before the tractors were running. Now the new tractor doesn't have rear wheel weights. Guess what.... spent more time trying to get unstuck that moving snow. So today, if I can get both started again, I plan to move the wheel weights from the old tractor to the new so we can get so more snow moved.

Hey Bus, How about I bring the trailer in and pick up your jeep and plow???
Might go faster, and at least I know it runs.

So no pics yesterday, my noble assistant was somewhere else and I keep forgetting the camera.

Superbowl sunday, and I think I will be moving more snow... it was drifted two and a half feet in front of the haybarn, about the same on the back porch.

So enjoy today down there in Blue Hair Land, we got more snow coming this week.
Yesssss...... do have to admit there were some beautiful scenes yesterday with the sun reflecting off trees.

Sister Mary will call today and let me know it was 78 at her back porch, bah humbug.

But we love it here and the snow is just a minor inconvenience.

There aren't farms like ours in blue hair land..... so I guess we'll stay here and in playing in the snow we are

Celebrating life.


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