Sunday, February 13, 2011

Well Duh ???

So my younger brothers live down in the Birthplace of Speed in blue hair land. I live up here in the Ozarks.

So today it is warm and sunny, even downright hot driving home in the little mule from the Queen city of the Ozarks.

So as I turn on the boob tube tonight, I catch the "Budweiser shoot out" from down there at the Birthplace of speed. They even have a new track to run on... well, it was resurfaced.
Anyway, I sit and watch the race for a couple laps, and decide the Jeep and LongRoof are probably at the track watching the race from the infield.

Ring a ding ding

"Hey where you at?

Head of pit roll.

Why can't I see you?

Cause it's cold down here and ______________ (missed what he said due to loud noises of race cars going by)

Hey you must be right there where we saw two guys shivering!

Danged right and I'm going home (Jeep)

It's cold, about 40 down here (Jeep)

Heck, it was 47 here in the Ozarks......... another day of

the Ozarks being warmer than Daytona Beach Fla.


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longrooffan said... the time thejeepjunkie and I hooked up it was just before the start of the Shoot Out...while it was warm while the sun was out, once it dropped below the horizon, it was d*mn cold. I had pulled the pullover windbreaker and jacket, as well as the winter gloves I inherited from TheGentleManFarmer out of my backpack and was still d*mn cold. Of course, thejeepjunkie made me stick around for another hour before he toted this worn out olelongrooffan back to my ole Comanche! But today, it was 70 outside!!