Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Well it seems two of my little sisters live down in the Blue Hair land (same as three of my brothers), and I really enjoy visiting with the two of them. But sometimes I get really tickled when they call.......

Well take tonight for instance. We are in the middle of the blizzard of 2011, got about 12 inches of snow, and with the wind gusting, we have sometimes zero visibility. Not a problem if you know where you are going, and around the farm, we got it down pretty good.

So temp tonight is heading for 2 or 3 above, with temp Thursday AM around minus 10.
Wind chill is well below zero.

So after getting home tonight, a 35 minute venture, where the worst road was the State Highway out front... but as a consilation, Interstate 44 is closed from Springfield to the Mo-OkLA state line due to snow and blizzard below zero visibility (haven't figured that below zero visibility - I guess you can't see your arse in front of your face???).

Anyway, watching the news, warming up in the recliner, and Little sister Mary calls. Oh Tom ===== just to let you know temp here is going to be 75 tomorrow.


Got a good laugh out of it. But 75 at this time of year is just too warm for this ole man, about 65 should be perfect!

So for those of you down in blue Hair land, here are a couple pics from outside the back doors of the farmstead this evening. Mind you the walk and patio had been shoveled clear just about 30 minutes prior to talking these photos -- talk about blowing wind..............

view out dining room sliding glass door across back yard.

This is a view of the hay barn from the breezeway that we aren't using cause it is too cold to sit in the "breezeway" with 30 to 40 mph winds.

and last is the rock garden where the piles of snow are from drifting, not shoveling. Guess it will be time to get the tractor out and use the loader to move snow... hey Bus, bring the dump truck out, we can load snow in it and take it to the pond and dump it... just like NYC does into the Hudson.......

NAH..... I think I'll let the weather melt the snow first.....

So enjoy the pics and know that we are warm and comfy, and celebrating life.........

Bus got any pics of snow plowing with the jeep????


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d5thouta5 said...

Geez....and there is a weather warning for tomorrow....going to be in the low 60's around these parts....I am thinnking you are glad you got a Bronco to get around in about now.....oh, have you fed the animals yet..??