Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just for My Noble Assistant

So after many years of good help from my Noble Assistant, the Barngoddess (aka Beachgoddess) and I moved to St Augustine Florida to enjoy the warmth and not have to put up with snow, cold wet rainy/sleet, and tornadoes.So now we are going back to good ole MO at the end of May and are going to bring that Noble Assistant of mine back to Florida with us. Giving her an experience on the beach. But alas our beach wasn't good enough for the Noble Assistant. Nope was too narrow and not big enough for a midwesterner to really enjoy.

Now we could have gone down to the Birthplace of Speed and used their beach, but since that town doesn't recognize the vehicles we travel in are bigger than the bmers,posches, audis,etc and our little mule takes up more room to park, and those people down there gave me a ticket for not fitting in the parking space, I just don't like going down there unless it is to the racetrack.

So being the government employee that I am, and carrying a lot of clout, and having been in the big circle of meetings several times. I used all that to get the Corps of Engineers to make the beach here bigger and better. And being the good govment employee I am, I go to the beach every day to make sure those workers are spending my hard earned pork barrell money correctly.

But first a pic of our new yard, put down a lot of sod to keep the sand out of our new house

To show the rest of you how well our money is being spent, I enclose a few pictures of the progress. Note how close they allow us "Locals" to get to make sure the job is being done correctly. So without further ado I give you pictures......

I hope you enjoy as much as I do = watching the TONKA toys play in the sand and water...

Thats the beachgoddess sitting in the beach chair talking to one of the tourists, while we keep track of the action

Here is the Beachgoddess watching to make sure that dozer gets the sand in the right place. 

This is a pic of the end of the pipeline where the sand and water come out. Trivia for the Jeep = pumping over 3 miles from dredge site. Pipe is 30 inch diameter, each section 40 ft long, 90% coming out of pipe is water, amount of sand pumped in one hour = over 1,000 cu yds don't know the pressure required to pump that far, but imagine the pump required to do that job......

and that's how we celebrate life down here in the
Nation's Oldest City

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