Sunday, April 15, 2012

They wore me out.

So yesterday morning I wake up and am ready to go and get some things from Home Depot and make our yard a little nicer.

There are a couple families that live here, and between them they have about 8 or 10 kids.
So I catch the oldest and ask if he wants to help. Yeah let me go home and ask mom. So off to the depot and get supplies and return.

Yep all 8 of the kids are waiting for me.
and off we went to working. Well half way through had to go and get more supplies, and enroute I was driving the speed limit, and glad I was, cause this guy was watching for me:

and as I went over the big bridge to the depot, I looked down and saw a couple guys out on the marsh playing with their SUVs in the mud and muck and thought about this guy and wondered if I could find him and take his jeep to play with:

any way, by the time I got back, I was loaded down (my little mule) was loaded and I wish I had this today so I could haul more:

alas the only thing I could find that wasn't being used was this little boat..... but the cannons were so loud, I figured I'd get evicted if I brought it home.

So instead, I just kept my little mule and continued on.

Viola went to Wendy's and bought a bunch of cheese burgers and fries, and with the kool-aid, we had lunch. And the kids loved it.
Anyway after 4 hours, the kids had worked so hard and fast I was having problems keeping up, and we called it quits.

THEY WORE ME OUT. But we had a blast with all of them helping here and there and underfoot wanting something to do.

So today is rest day. But we sure did Celebrate Life yesterday with a bunch of kids.

last evening sitting outside we had another couple come over for crackers. got a good pic of them as they snacked away>

and that was the day.

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d5thouta5 said...

Sounds like a great day had by all participants. Especially the Mothers of those neighborhood kids. No kids for 4 straight hours because they are busy at the horsfarmersmobilestate... Reminds me a story about when Mother lived in SpfldMO and kept the neighborhood kids busy. She gave them money for helping in the rock garden and their Mothers made them give it back."Don't take money from old ladys for helping them out." So Mother went to the grocery and loaded up on ice cream bars and other goodies. She said those kids would come done two three times a day to see if she needed help in the 'rock garden'.
What a way to CELEBRATE LIFE...