Monday, April 23, 2012

Where in the world is the Longrooffan????

OK, here is the truth,
The Long Roof Fan is a terrrrrrible driver... he drives from Daytona Beach to St Augustine = a mere 42 miles and it takes him 3 hours.
He is totally against the Eisenhower Highway System, and takes 4 days to drive from Florida to SW Missouri (note a trip that takes this old man only 16 hours)
So I calls him up last weekend, Saturday AM to be exact, knowing that he gets off work at 6 pm, and he would be within (a normal persons) 30 minute drive from that Birthplace of speed.

Hey where you at, we're heading to Daytona and want to know if it's raining down there.

His reply:  Heck I ain't home................

So all you bloggers:  Where in the world is the Longrooffan????

keep posted for more hints.

Clue one:  He saw the factory that made my new home.

so have fun figuring this one out!!!!

the Beachbiker 

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